In a world that is increasingly unpredictable and full of opportunities, customers come to us with big expectations to get the most reliable services from one of South Africa’s fastest growing enterprise. A leading investor in community development and social responsibility, our group of companies employ over 200 highly skilled personnel and focus part of our resources to the well being of poor communities all across South Africa.

The Yethembe Group of companies combines a unique diversity of expertise, talents and cultures in order to deliver expert services and solutions to our valued customers.

We believe that our solutions help make the reality of tomorrow possible today. Our zeal to excellence in providing quality services to clients, ensures that we always have return business which in turn guarantees our sustainability and future business. The Yethembe Group of companies, seeks to help customers attain smarter and better results that will ensure their long, lasting enjoyment of every service and product that we endeavor to serve them.

The group is continuously investing, innovating and improving the markets we serve in order to help transform the way our customers interact with the market place, whatever the cost. Delivering quality services has always been our fundamental initiative. Since our very inception, we have taken pride in the privilege of giving our best to customers through excellence and quality services.

We are guided by our strict business principles and adhere to sound operating standards and procedures that have delivered a proven track record over the years. Our sustainable development approach is integrated into our day to day strategic planning and decision making.