Effective management systems to ensure positive change

Our world is always in transition and as such change is constant and requires effective management systems to ensure that when change takes place around us we are not caught flat footed.

The interactions of time and space, resources, demand and supply, people and culture, weather patterns and ever changing needs and wants, have created a sophisticated world.

The emergence of the so called global village has further sophisticated the world economy not in a bad way but by demanding the human race to evolve in the way they carry out daily activities. A very wide, large and scattered world has become a small space, even tinier in the business perspective; we now live in a world where economic, operational and financial practices of one country affects the entire globe, where practices of a firm across the seas affects a local community. The unceasing changes in our world demands from professionals, intellectuals, service providers and companies in general not only to be innovative in the development of their strategies, but exhibit excellence and quality superiority.

Yethembe Management Consulting (Pty) Ltd has thus found space to do business by adding value to societies through consulting services that cuts through finance, legal, human capital management and institutional strategy. We provide cutting edge one stop shop solutions to managers in both private and public sectors.

The existence of Yethembe Management Consulting (Pty) Ltd (YMC) is to captivate excellence and innovation through broad based consulting that covers, financial & operational strategy, business processes, internal control and risk management, and human capital development.

We have taken time to develop a team of experts that cover all business areas and sectors of the economy. YMC has strategic alliances with the best. Where we do not have in-house expertise we outsource from our partners. We do not profess to know it all but we believe that together we can create and do much more.

Our business is to assist our clients to find solutions to their problems and also discover innovative ways that will strengthen their internal and external processes and systems. We at Yethembe

Management Consulting (Pty) Ltd (YMC) pride ourselves at going the extra mile in carrying out our client’s mandates.