Our experienced and dedicated professionals provide comprehensive accounting services that include but not limited to:

  • Preparation of financial statements that comply with International financial reporting standards (IFRS)

  • Preparation of financial statements that comply with GRAP for clients in the public sector

  • Preparation of financial statements that comply with IFRS for SMEs

  • Provision of training to accounting staff to equip them with accounting skills that are essential for their day -to- day duties

  • Assistance in the implementation of and compliance IFRS or GRAP for reporting purposes

  • Drafting policies and procedure manuals

Independent Review

  • Provision of the Independent Review for companies that are not obligated to be audited in terms of the new companies Act (71 of 2008).

  • Review and development of Risk Policies

  • Preparation of Integrated Risk and Implementation

  • Review and drafting of an Integrated Risk Management Strategy

  • Review and drafting of Fraud Prevention Plans

Our services can assist your business to be more profitable through innovation and efficiency thus leaving you with more time to do what you do best, which is to run your business.

Our experienced professionals provide a fixed asset management solution tailored according to the specific needs of a particular organization. Our services include but not limited to:

  • Formulation of the fixed asset management policy

  • Reviewing existing fixed asset management policy to ensure that it is strategically aligned with organization’s strategic objective

  • Assisting in developing and implementing controls over the physical security of fixed assets

  • Assistance in the maintenance of fixed asset register that is updated with any changes at all times (on time and proper record keeping)

  • Assistance in the preparation of capital budgets

  • Assistance with compliance with Public Finance Management Act and Municipal Finance Management Act provisions relating to management of fixed assets

  • Assistance in the valuation/revaluation/impairment of fixed assets for financial reporting purposes

  • Asset audits and reporting

  • Assisting the organization to comply with the necessary accounting standards, GRAP and IFRS

  • Management of asset projects, capital budgeting and disposals

Our experienced tax professionals work closely with organizations to identify and evaluate tax planning opportunities and make sure you do not pay more taxes than what is rightfully due. We are able to ensure that your business meets all tax requirements, including income tax, VAT, and PAYE. Our tax advisory services cover the following:

  • Preparation and filling of tax returns (Income tax, VAT and PAYE)

  • Tax planning

  • Transactional tax consulting

  • Municipality Vat assistance

  • Tax accrual reviews

Our company Secretarial service offering will ensure that you comply with all legislated requirements. Our specialists will advise you on most appropriate ways through which to conduct business, namely: A company, close corporation, partnership, trust or sole trader.

Our company Secretarial services include the following:

  • Registration of Companies

  • Registration of Trust

  • Shelf companies

  • Appointment of Auditors

  • Appointment of accounting officers

  • Appointment of New Directors

  • Appointment of New Members

  • Appointment of Trustees

  • Transfer of shares

  • Allotment of Shares

  • Change in year end

  • Special Resolutions

  • Maintenance of share registers

King III report on Corporate Governance is one of the various Corporate Governance related guidelines that was created in response to the failure and liquidation of prominent organizations around the globe that were caused by the way the companies were being managed and controlled.

We provide Corporate Governance consulting and advisory services that assist our clients in both private and public sector to:

  • Assess the functions of management and the board, as well as managing the relationship between the two

  • Provide guidance to the board with regard to its functions

  • Assist in the structuring of various board committees including their composition and development of related charters

  • Assess whether or not the existing committees of the board are effectively discharging their primary functions,

  • Assist government institutions to implement corporate governance principles

  • Facilitate annual Board performance assessments

  • Induction training for Board and Council members

  • Soft Skills Training

  • Service Quality and HR Consulting

  • Enterprise Development

  • Conducting Skills Auditing and Consulting

  • Mandatory and Discretionary Grant Planning

  • Financial Management Certificate

  • Corporate Governance

  • Supply Chain Management in the Public Sector

“Our size allows us flexibility. We are able to give our clients the attention they deserve.”

We work hand in glove with Finance Houses such as IDC, NEF, Business Partners among other financing institutions as well as Government Departments (Department of Small to Medium Enterprises and the Department of Trade and Industry) to ensure the success of black owned business through grant funding and business loans. Below are some of the grants we have successfully worked on:

  • Cluster Development Programme (CDP) – Maximum grant- R10 million

  • Broad-Based Black Supplier Development Programme – R800 000

  • Cooperative Incentive – R10 million

  • Manufacturing Grant – R50 million

  • Agro-Processing Grant-R3m-R20M

We also have a good business relationship with the following Finance Houses;

  • IDC – Maximum loan – R1 billion

  • SEFA – maximum loan – R5 million

  • NEF – Maximum Loan – R75 million

  • MEGA – Maximum Loan- R10 million

  • Business Partners Loan – R50 million

  • Other International Funders – R1bn

The turnaround around times for grant is between 3-6 months and loans are between 2-6 months.

“Our proactive approach, comprehensive range of technical skills and commitment to excellence distinguish Yethembe Management Consulting (Pty) Ltd from the competition. Our ethos is to try our best to help the organization to be sane because insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”