Empowering people & communities

Our vision is to make a positive impact in the various communities that we operate and help empower the underprivileged through various social responsibility initiatives.

Yethembe foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) and beneficially of the Yethembe Group that is committed to the implementation of the Group’s social responsibility plan in reaching out to the less fortunate members of the community in an effort to empower them through various initiatives.

Our stakeholders have unique and evolving expectations regarding making a positive impact on the less privileged communities. It is from this perspective that we proactively engage with them to fully understand their expectations of us, and then incorporate that understanding into our organisational strategic planning and help make their dreams come true.

We work with various associations, government and private sector organisations, and meet with socially responsible investors to gain diverse and valuable perspectives and support as we continuously improve our sustainable development programs and initiatives towards the benefit of our beneficiaries.

In communities where we operate, we identify stakeholders and work with them to understand their needs and concerns. We actively solicit community feedback and collaborate with stakeholders at the local and provincial levels to implement our commitments effectively.