Our Engagements

Our approach encompasses a broad range of activities and tools, including skills development, scholarships, community investment, employee volunteering, sponsorship initiatives and many others depending on the need.

As a local black owned Group of companies, our operations take place on the ground. It is therefore essential for us to work hand in hand with communities in order to ensure that they too benefit from our business undertakings.

At Yethembe Foundation, we have a deep and profound respect for life and are hence committed to using every available resource to engage with those whose lives have been impacted by our business in one way or another.

Whether it’s partnering with community groups, supporting local initiatives or encouraging our employees to get involved in local improvements, the goal of Yethembe Foundation is to help build strong and vibrant communities across South Africa.

Our programs and initiatives provide valuable tools and resources to beneficiaries, helps fund educational programs, supports important community needs, and strengthens environmental stewardship and sustainability through local and regional investments.

At Yethembe Foundation, when we commit to doing something, we make sure to do it thoroughly in order to leave a lasting positive impression. And in every decision we make, we consider the potential long term social, environmental and economic effects. This is just how we are wired to conduct business, from planning to understanding community concerns, to investing in any initiative. Everything we do is designed to reflect our core values of integrity, responsibility, team work and Ubuntu.


Being a conscientious corporate citizen is more than a facet of our business — it’s how we conduct business. Everything we do, from planning to understanding community concerns, to investing in a balanced and sustainable energy future reflects our core values of safety, integrity, collaboration and responsibility.

And in every business decision we make, we consider the potential long-term social, environment and economic effects.