Health & Safety

Uncompromised safety for our employees and clients is a core value of Yethembe Coal & Mining. We encourage employee involvement in this undertaking and our efforts have seen us operate with a zero incident rate since our founding. We stress that all employees are responsible for safety in their respective roles for both their own safety as well as the safety of others in the workplace. And as such, we always encourage them to undertake compulsory safety measures on a daily basis whenever they’re exposed to the working space.  We also offer our employees comprehensive safety programs, extensive safety and skills training, regular safety audits and inspections, mine rescue training, and supervisory leadership training to ensure that we maintain our zero incident rating.

We strive to enforce our health and safety measures with total vigilance in following regulatory standards, which is the backbone of our strong safety culture that guarantees the safety and well being of our employees and all our business stakeholders.


Our company is committed to operating in a manner that meets and even exceeds current environmental regulations. This is achieved through proper planning, permitting and monitoring of mining operations to assure compliance with all applicable set standards. We also take the reclamation of previously mined property very highly and consider it as an important objective of our mining operation. Land reclamation in mining, involves filling the voids created during mining, replacing the top soil and then reestablishing the vegetative cover as a means of reducing our carbon foot print.