Marketing & Sales

Our company brand has become synonymous with the quality of our sales program and focus to customer service. Functions including market analysis, sales, and contract management are all performed from our head offices in Middelburg, Mpumalanga. Yethembe Coal & Mining focuses on developing and maintaining business relationships in order to ensure sustainability and value for our business partners. We strive to maintain a keen and active involvement in incremental markets, as well as keeping an eye on strategic development opportunities in order to ensure our customers value for their business.

Our Future

Our mining operations provide a sure foundation for continued business growth and development. Changes within the energy sector as a result of various conditions, environmental regulations and other factors, may create opportunities for new acquisitions and investments for our company that are attractive.

Our strategic business  plan for growth provides a clear criteria and approach for evaluating opportunities and moving forward in a focused way. Our company believes that our disciplined approach delivers more realistic and logical opportunities that ensure lower risks to both our company as well as our business investors.